Why Should You Care About The Metaverse?

2 min readJul 11, 2022


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Although the idea of the metaverse is not entirely new, it is surprising how quickly it has recently gained media attention. Additionally, the definition of “metaverse” seems to be evolving every day as more and more well-known companies start incorporating it into their long-term strategies.

The metaverse buzz was started by Facebook, despite participation from everyone from celebrities to major corporations like Nike. The business, which was a pioneer in social media and, in a way, the first iteration of the metaverse, just underwent a significant overhaul. Facebook has made the transition to becoming Meta and has big ambitions for the future in the metaverse.

Social Media & Future of Metaverse

You may be wondering if and how the idea will influence social media’s future given all the excitement around recent metaverse investments and advances (and social media marketing).

The metaverse received a lot of funding and resources in 2021. There are obviously people and companies out there that do believe that the metaverse is the future of social media, as seen by platforms like Meta and companies like Nike (who just teamed with sneaker-centric metaverse powerhouse RTFKT Studios).

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